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tlc Rescue is very grateful for the hard work and time Marianna has devoted to us. Had it not been for Marianna’s creation and setup of our website, Petfinder account, Facebook page and other countless components in getting tlc Rescue recognized on the internet our rescued cats would be without forever homes. A special thanks from the four legged friends that enter our doors, especially those that come with unknown guests until morning(and we are not talking about fleas).

tlc Rescuetlc RescueWestchester, NY
Sylvia Chun Yin

Marianne is patient and listens to people. She developed my website and Etsy store, incorporating my design ideas.

Sylvia Chun Yinartist and musicianNYC
Freddy Rodriguez

Working with Marianne is a rewarding experience. She knows her business and is always willing to go the extra mile to help. She’s patient with her clients, something very important when working with technology. I highly recommend her.


I have had the pleasure of working with Marianne on numerous occasions and in a variety of different capacities. Not only is she an extremely capable IT professional, but a very personable one as well. You get a well rounded professional with Marianne; intelligent, efficient, positive attitude, hardworking and a genuinely nice person.


Marianne Pendleton is an extremely knowledgeable technology coach. She is a patient teacher who breaks the material down into simple, easily understandable steps. As a technophobe, I have felt very comfortable working with her and recommend her highly

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Marianne has been a valuable asset to our non profit by maintaining our website over the past 5 years. She has helped Cat Assistance become an internet presence. I can’t thank Marianne enough for assisting us and getting us to where we are today.

SarahPresidentCat Assistance Inc.NY
Lily Fortin

Marianne is my go-to IT goddess! She has helped me with a wide variety of computer related difficulties including hardware and software problems…even printer problems are no match for her prowess. Marianne has been so professional, efficient and such a pleasure to work with that I have asked her to build me a website. She makes technology easy and fun!

Marianne is super knowledgeable with all aspects of computer technology. She is also passionate about research and learning new technology. But the best thing about Marianne is what an amazing teacher she is ~ patient, kind and friendly. She truly makes learning fun !!

LisaLisa Jakobson PhotographyNY